The Lost Sunday 

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In an enchanted world, the best day of the week is missing. Legend says an evil witch stole it – but Nina is determined to get it back! The Lost Sunday by Ileana Surducan is a comic book about working too much, told through stories and inspiration from old folklore, myths and tales. Published by Pronoia AB - the studio behind Zestrea.

Duminica pierdută

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Într-o lume plină de magie, cea mai frumoasă zi a săptămânii a dispărut. Legenda spune că a fost furată de o vrăjitoare rea, dar Nina este hotărâtă să o aducă înapoi. ”Duminica pierdută” de Ileana Surducan este o poveste despre echilibrul delicat între muncă și timp liber, spusă prin prisma basmelor din copilăria noastră.

The Lost Sunday Happy Friday stream -

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The Lost Sunday - mid Kickstarter thoughts & drawing happy characters!

Friday May 18th Livestream 

In this particular episode, we talked about our stretch goals, drew super happy characters (because of your awesome support!) and we might have mentioned the purchase of a dragon. For marketing purposes only, of course.

The Lost Sunday HAPPIEST Friday stream - Kickstarter goal reached!

Friday May 14th Livestream

We got funded!!! After a bit of celebration and detailing of hopes, dreams and stretch goals, specifically the €15000 mark which would allow us to print to a Super Shiny quality (gold and velvet were mentioned!), Ileana told us the story of how she became a comic artist, showed lots of art and told us some behind the scenes information. It was mesmerizing!

The Lost Sunday - It's time we talked about Trailers & Kickstarter!

Friday April 30th Livestream 

For this episode of The Lost Sunday happy Friday streaming, we had something Even Better than Dragons and World Domination Plans (tm) - which is very, very hard to imagine. Are you ready?

The Lost Sunday - it's time we talked about it, again!

Friday April 16th Livestream 

...where we said there would be Dragons and World Domination Plans and - we delivered! They inviolve a certain magical virtual comic book library to be lovingly developed & launched on Steam. Watch at your own peril! We hope we made you smile ❤

The Lost Sunday - it's time we talked about it!

Friday April 2nd Livestream 

...where we showed the very first glimpse into The Lost Sunday! Ileana drew the protagonist Nina, Laura gave some insights into what it will take to bring this book to life, and Maria provided a lot of wisdom from past projects. But most importantly, Ileana drew Laura in her real form (which has dragon wings).